Welcome to my new company, Millions of Records! After the unfortunate events at EBrecords (the sale and eventual demise of the company) I'm glad to tell you that I am working hard to build it back up again.

I have launched this new, simple website just to get the ball rolling. I realize that it lacks the features you enjoyed at EBrecords (search filters, mp3 sound samples, user-friendly interface, etc.) I am working on the main website now, which I hope will be launched in a few months. In the meantime, I figured it was better to provide you with a simple website rather than none at all. Please make do as best as possible until the main website is launched later; I promise it will be worth the wait!

I will continue to focus on reggae but I will stock all genres (Vinyl, CD, Tapes, Supplies). I will be adding more items to the website daily, so the selection will grow rapidly. I have a lot of out of print titles to add to the website (much of it is reggae) and then I'll be adding the current record labels (reissue labels, import labels, etc.) as soon as possible.

If you would like the current stock list emailed, please email me your request at any time. You could use the stock list to get ideas on which items to find and order on the website. With the limited search tools on the current website (only artist or title at this time) you might find it useful to have a list to work from.

Your support is absolutely crucial in these early stages as I have been financially ruined by the disastrous events at EBrecords. It's a long road back but with your continued support (and the support of friends and labels who are consigning product to me) we'll build it into the world's best source for good music. In some ways it is exciting and beneficial to start over from scratch because building from the "ground up" allows me to do re-think and redesign all aspects of the business. This is going to be a well-oiled machine: huge selection, efficient service and a sensational new website.

I thank you for your support (some of you for 25 years!) and I look forward to providing you with great music and premium service.