Lot #275354: 190 X 7' Reggae Records $1.00 Each Lot #275354: 190 X 7' Reggae Records $1.00 Each




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Prezident Brown, Buju Banton, Michael Prophet, Cedric Myton, Gregory Isaacs, Luciano, Sizzla, Capleton, Etc.

Lot #275354: 190 X 7" Reggae Records $1.00 Each


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Album review for Lot #275354: 190 X 7' Reggae Records $1.00 Each

This item is 190 reggae 7 inch 45's (1 copy each), listed below.

All items are factory new (unplayed)

Abija - Rise Up / Version (Mildew) Kaya
Admiral T - Mizik / Version (Special Delivery)
Admiral Tibet - Natural Vibes / Version (Special Delivery) Storm Alarm
Aletia - Please Keep In Touch / Version (Orthodox) Please Keep In
Alozade - Girls Galore / Angel - Full Moon (Rattler) Trafalgar
Alozade, Platinum - Say She Want It Hard / Version (Rainbow Castle) Static
Alton Ellis - We A Feel It / Version (Stars)
Angelle - I'm Living Large Now / Version (Rainbow Castle) Hotta Fire
Anthony B - Weeping Willow / Version (Raggedy Joe) Honey Cone
Anthony Red Rose - Highest Grade / Anthony Red Rose, Li-On - Highest Grade (Raggedy Joe) Log On
Anthony Season - If You Really Love Me Baby / Version (Rainbow Castle) Hotta Fire
Beenie Man - Nuh Face / Version (Black House) Nuh Face
BiJean - My Woman / Version (Ugly Man)
Bling Dog - Mi Need Her / Psycho - Toast (Rat-A-Kastle) Red Indian
Bling Dog - Pon It / Version (Rattler) Diesel
Bounty Killer - Straight A (Remix) / Version (Minor 7 Flat 5) Breeze
Buju Banton - Many Ways / Bubba - Thousand Gal (Rattler) Twisted
Buju Banton - Text Message / Version (Gargamel) Tight P
Busy Signal - Wine Up Wine Up / Version (Kirkledove) Middle East
Capleton - Coke A Nuh Fi Mi / Virgo Man - Support U Gal (Above The Level) Senseless
Capleton - Nuh Back An Front (Edit) / Capleton - Nuh Back An Front (Raw) (Rattler) Trafalgar
Cedric Myton - Ear What Mama Say / Version (Striker Lee)
Chezidek - Higher / Version (G String) Love Line
Chris Howell, Lady G - Perfect Connection / Ras Myrdhak - Warriah Nuh Fraid (Blaque Warriahz Muzic) Double Kick
Chrisinti - Not Fa Sale / Fire Star - Guns And Bomb (Rising Sun Records) Psychology
Chrisinti - Tonight / Version (Mildew) Quickie
Christine Fishe, Rich Kid - Always Dancing / Christine - Always Dancing (Hit Line)
Christopher - Thug / Ghost, General B, Roundhead, Harry Todder - She (Very Huge) March
Chronicle - Got To Praise / Version (Orange Street) Pass It Over
Chuck Fender - So Many Rivers To Cross / Version (Franc Entertainment)
Congo Ashanti Roy - Care For You / Version (Super One) Gossip
Danny English, Egg Nog, Tuffy, Mr. Phang - There Goes / Version (Black Survivor) Earth
Delly Ranks - Dun Dem Now / Tyrical - Bad Mind (Rated R) Bullet Proof West
Delroy Wilson - Breaking Up / Version (Jaguar)
Demarco - Secret Fi Dem / Version (DJ FRASS) Clearance
Determine - Blessed / Version (X Rated) Precious
Determine - Determine / Big Stone - Survival (Big Stone) Stone Judgement
Determine - Lock Dem Off / Version (Rattler) Diesel
Determine - Senseless / Scottie D - Mama Earth (Above The Level) Senseless
Determine - Wipe Your Tears / Version (Weeded) Monday Morning
Don Mafia, Tyquan - Rup Rap / Fyah Luv - Smile And Laugh (Fyah Luv)
Doniki - Soon Come Back / Version (X Rated) Precious
Doniki - Soon Come Back / Version (X Rated) Precious
Dr. Marshall - Who Is That Girl / Version (Rise & Shine) Good Times
Elephant Man - De Veranda / Powerman - Ina Dem (Rattler) X-300
EQ - Triangle / Version (African Museum)
Etana - Married Man / Version (Juke Boxx)
Fantan Mojah - Search / Version (Home Run) 28 Karat
Fantan Mojah - Take You Out / Version (House Of Hits) Sweetness
Fred Locks - She's A Hit / Version (Super 100)
Fred Locks - She's A Hit / Version (Super 100) Hit
Freddie McGregor - Take Your Time / Version (Big Ship) New Chapter
Freddie McGregor, Luciano - Night After Night / Version (Big Ship) New Chapter
Frisco Kid - Flexx / Patchy - No Girl (Rattler) Trafalgar
Frisco Kid - Mek It Start / Version (RMC)
Future Troubles - Tomorrow Today / Nitty Kutchie, Ninja Ford - Weak Gangsta (Blaque Warriahz Muzic) Forty Sup'emmh
General B - Me A One Bwoy Weh Naah Joke / Angelee - Fi Hole You Man (Rainbow Castle) Static
General Pecos - Never Gonna Get / Punisher - Fraid A Town (Weeded) Black Survivors
George Nooks - Now You Know / Version (Super 100) Hit
George Nooks - Now You Know / Version (Super 100)
George Nooks - Sadie / Version (Dennis Star) Girlfriend
Ghost - On Top / Captain Barkey, Tony Curtis - Da Boss (Rattler) X-300
Glen Washington - I Believe Her / Version (Observer) Ziggyzeg
Gregory Isaacs - Inseparable / Version (African Museum) Unforgettable
Gregory Isaacs - It Ain't Easy / Version (African Museum) Fatty Fatty
Heptones - Marcus Garvey Words Come To Pass / Version (Tappa) Marcus Garvey
Iestro - She Hurt Me / Version (Soljie) Pick Up The Pieces
Ini Kamoze - My Girl / Version (9 Sound Clik)
Jah Ruben - I Love You / Version (Razor Sound) Boxing
Jah Taste - Sweet Little Angel / Version (Raggedy Joe) Honey Cone
Jah Thunder - Mama / Version (Home Run) 28 Karat
Joan Dixon - It's A Jungle Out There / Version (Pot Of Gold)
John Holt - All The Love I've Got / Version (Jaguar)
John Holt - Rainy Night In Georgia / John Holt - Homely Girl (Striker Lee) Rainy Night In Georgia
John Holt - Sweetie Come Brush Me / John Holt - Wherever I Lay My Hat (Striker Lee)
Jr. Kelly - A Place For Rastafari / Version (Weeded) Monday Morning
Jr. Reid - Keepin It Real / Mr. Rango - Hotline (Kinky Music) Black Rain
Junia Walker - Summertime / Junia Walker - Down Downpresser (Jusic International)
Kiprich - Gal A Wah So / Version (E-55 Entertainment) Epidemik
Konshens, Delus - She Is Happy / Version (Franc Entertainment) She Is Happy
Kulcha Knox - Set Yourself Free / Version (Weeded) Black Survivors
Kulcha Knox - Woman Of My Type / Version (Crown Star) Fire Cracker
Kymani Marley - Africa Unite / The Aggrovators - Version (Striker Lee) Bob Marley - Africa Unite
Laden - Bad Boys / Version (Big Ship)
Laden - Hold The Faith / Version (Big Ship)
Lexxus - Pure Hotty Hotty / Version (Mo Music) Jiggy
LMJ - Hory Horay / Version (African Museum)
LMS - London 2 Paris / LMS - No Other Girl (HMG) Still Around
Luciano - Ancient Memories / Version (Super 100) Hit
Luciano - For You / Version (House Of Hits) Sweetness
Luciano - Now And Then / Alpheus - You Got Love (Special Delivery) Storm Alarm
Luciano - Sweet Jamaica / G-Whizz - Pray (Fams House) Hold Tight
Lukie D - Sexy Girl / Frisco Kid - 205 (Pow Pow) Gladiator
Lukie D - Want Them All For Myself / Version (Rainbow Castle) Static
Lukie D, Frisco Kid - Treat Her Right / Frisco Kid - Learn This (Pot Of Gold) Mexican
Lutan Fyah - Make It So Hard / Dubbi - Take You On The Other Side (House O' Love) Endless
Lymie Murray - Hey Woman / Evette - No Other Man (X Rated)
Lymie Murray - Real Higrade / Version (Ugly Man)
Lymie Murray, Papa San - Groove Me / Angel, Yellowman - Hold On Me (Road Dog)
Mad Anju - Tuff Eunu / Version (Above The Level) Senseless
Mad Anju - Tuff Eunu / Version (Above The Level) Senseless
Makka Diamond - Hot Girl / Gabriel - Good Fi Yu (Very Huge) March
Mark Wonder - Jah Never Fail I / Steady Ranks - Instrument Of War (Special Delivery) In A Dis A Time/Operation Radication
Marvelous - False Teaching / Version (9 Sound Clik) World A Music / World Jam
Mavado - A So You Move / Version (Big Ship)
Mavado - Jail House / Version (Big Ship)
Michael Prophet - Ease Up The Pressure (Vocal Mix) / Jazzwad - Ease Up Dub (One Love)
Michael Rose - Never Take It For Granted / Alpheus - Forgive Them (Special Delivery) Clean Vibes
Mikey B, Zumjay - Where The Party At / Tuffy & Fang, Love (Kic For Kic) Savage
Mikey General - More To Beauty / Version (Rise & Shine) Good Times
Mikey General - No One Said / Version (Weeded) Monday Morning
Mikey Spice - Don't Waste Your Time / Version (Cyclone) Da Drama
Milton Blake - You Are Not Safe / Version (Glone) Love Zone
Mr. Perfect - Babylon Remove / Version (Rollin' Records) Substance
Mr. Vegas - Gal Feel Like / Mr. Chicken - Da Yute Ya (Rattler) Trafalgar
Mr. Vegas - Tek Way U Self / Version (Kirkledove) Dutch Pat
Mr. Vegas - We Will Never / Version (DJ FRASS) Clearance
Nanco Flex - Reminiscent / Version (Rise & Shine) Good Times
Natural Black, Sizzla - Sufferation / Version (Black House)
Ninja Ford - Modern / Version (Above The Level) Senseless
Noble Society - New Day / Version (Lustre Kings) New Day
Norris Man - Better Must Come / Version (Soundbank) Pure N Clean
Norris Man - For You / Version (House O' Love) Endless
Norris Man - One Day / Version (X Rated) Precious
Norris Man - One Day / Version (X Rated) Precious
Norris Man - We Smoke Hydro / Version (Rastar) Red Alert
Oba Simba - Promises / Version (Special Delivery) Judgement Time
Oro's, Treasure - Love You Higher / Version (Rainbow Castle) Hotta Fire
Orthodox Issachar - Prophet Gad / Version (Orthodox)
Orthodox Issachar - Sound The Trumpet / Version (Orthodox)
Peetah Heritage - Golden Brown / Version (Juke Boxx)
Peetah Morgan - Don't Walk Away / Version (Big Ship) New Chapter
Peter Metro - Blazze Blazze / Version (16 Stars) Hip Hip Hurrah
Pinchers - When Girls Stop Me / Version (Orange Street) Pass It Over
Polly Famous, Bauadier - Round Of Applause (Edited) / Polly Famous, Bauadier - Round Of Applause (Raw) (Above The Level) Senseless
Predator - Hotting Up / Version (Above The Level) Senseless
Predator - Hotting Up / Version (Above The Level) Senseless
Prezident Brown - Corner Stone / Version (Rashanco) Money
Prezident Brown - Oh La La (Pump It Up) Drop Mix / Prezident Brown - Oh La La (Pump It Up) Straight Mix (Orange Hill)
Prezident Brown - Picture Perfect / Version (Acoustic Vibes) Alter Ego
Prince Alla - Happy Times / Version (Striker Lee) Stick By Me
Princess Thunder, On Dub Ground - Babylon De Cause / Version (Organic)
Radjef - Mettre Ca Clean / Version (Special Delivery) Clean Vibes
Ras Murdhak, Lymie Murray - Jah Created A Tree / Mr. Peppa - Properly Attired (Blaque Warriahz Muzic) Double Kick
Ras Myrdhak - Samsung / Version (Blaque Warriahz Muzic) Double Kick
Ras Shiloh, Daddy Rings - Ghetto Youth Rise / Version (Pow Pow) First Sight
Richie Spice - Monday Morning / Version (Weeded) Monday Morning
Robert Lee - Crucify A Sound / Version (Lionvibes) Box Fresh
Ronnie Davis - My World / Version (Striker Lee)
Rueben - Wicky Wacky / Version (Rainbow Castle)
Sanchez, Flourgan - Praise God / Version (Penthouse)
Shadowman - Voice Shall Be Heard / Version (Henfield) Waan Buss
Sizzla - Secret A Hide / Version (Gargamel) Tight P
Sizzla - Show Me / New Kidz - All Out (Rattler) X-300
Sizzla - The Love You Are Showing / Racquel Sellars - Stay Far (Big Stone) Stone Judgement
Sizzla - Too Much Informa / Jah Rueben Mystic - Leave Rastaman (Kinky Music) Black Rain
Spanner Banner - Are You Trying / Version (Henfield) Nuh Pardon
Sparticus - Good Times And Bad Times / Version (Rise & Shine) Good Times
Spragga Benz - Over Gal / Natty Chris - Xclusive (Rated R) Bullet Proof West
Steve Machete - Judgement / Version (Big Stone) Stone Judgement
Stevie Face, Bad Dog - Mama Make It Clear / Version (Home Run) 26 Karat
Sugar Massive - Live With Love / Version (Humal)
Sugar Roy, Conrad Crystal - Step Up Inna Club / Chino - Chronic To My Brain (Rated R) Bullet Proof West
Taffari - One Time Love / Version (Acoustic Vibes) Water Lilly
Taffari - She Natty Yah / Version (Big Stone) Stone Judgement
Tairo - Mets Jah De Ton Cote / Version (Special Delivery) Clean Vibes
Tanya Stephens - It's All Right / Version (Vikings) Turban And Robe
Terrorist - Log On To This / Version (Raggedy Joe) Log On
The Melodians - Song Of Love / Version (Stars)
Thriller - Mr. Walker / Version (Ranking Joe Universal)
Thriller U - I Can Feel Your Pain / Version (House Of Hits) Sweetness
TOK - Ginseng / Version (B-Rich) Orgasm
TOK - Ladies Night / Chulito Camacho - Los Chicos Del Barrio (Kinky Music) Black Rain
Tony Curtis, New Kidz - Baby / Version (Abijazz) Notorious Jig
Tony Lowe - Sound Bwoy I'm Telling You / Version (Dennis Star) China Town
Tony Rebel - Poison And Medicine / Version (Special Delivery) Clean Vibes
Turbulence - Bun Dutty Mind / Steve Machete, Spectacular - Wrong Uniform (Hiternal) Heavy Duty
Turbulence - Don't Worry / Pierpoljak - Poor Man (Special Delivery) Clean Vibes
Turbulence - Love And Affection / Warren Hutchie - Living In Bondage (1 Up) Bondage
Turbulence - Never Gonna Fail / Honey Cone - Who Gonna Tell The Story (Big Stone) Stone Judgement
Turbulence - Notorious / Initial T - Tricks And Trade (THC) Scallawah
Turbulence - That's Right / Version (X-Rated Records) Precious
Turbulence - True Love / Version (Rollin' Records) Addiction
U Brown - No More War And Violence / Version (Hit Sound) No Warrior/Father Jungle Rock
Valarie Vybz - See Dem A Come / Version (Observer) Duppy Conqueror
Virgo Man - We A Plea / Version (Sinai) No Loyal
Vizo Star, Striker Star - Wait Wait / Version (Above The Level) Senseless
Voyce - It's Automatik / Version (DMI)
Vybz Kartel - Make You Come / Rock Supreme - Man Like Me (E-55 Entertainment) Epidemik
Yami Bolo, Saba - Beautiful Wonderful / Saba - Life Giver (Prosperity)

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