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Sean Paul, Luciano, Kymani Marley, Sizzla, Anthony B, Etc.

Lot #276844: 200 Reggae 7" Records For $1.00 Each


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Aas - Lot #275352: 150 Reggae 7' Records For $1.00 Each

Album review for Lot #276844: 200 Reggae 7' Records For $1.00 Each

This item is 200 reggae 7 inch 45's (1 copy each), listed below.

All items are factory new (unplayed)

Admiral Tibet - Scandalous Landlord / Version (Farm Land) Woman Is Like A Shadow
Alozade - Gwaan Like Dem Hype / Version (V1 Records) Anti Badness
Angel Doolas - Friends And Foes / Noel Davey - Killing Thing (Powerstone) Sleng Teng
Anthony B - Home Grown / Version (Cyclone) Da Drama
Anthony B - Look Another Man / Guidance - I Feel Good (Loyal Soldiers) Tribal Peace
Anthony B - No Where To Run / Version (Kirkledove) Remembrance
Anthony B - Nutten But Marijuana / Version (HK) Spii Whare
Anthony B - Pretty Woman / Version (New Creation Records) Miracle
Anthony B - Waan Buss / Version (Henfield) Waan Buss
Assassin - Want To Be Free / Version (Golden Cartel) Mudslide
Bad Sarge - Bedroom Recipe / Version (Midnight Rock) Heavenless
Beenie Man - Big Life (Radio Mix) / Beenie Man - Big Life (Dancehall Mix) (NYCE)
Beenie Man - Gal Want It Hard / Don Mafia - Mr. Know It All (Shavaughn) Mr. Wacky
Beenie Man - Haters / Version (Stone Cold) Knock Out
Beenie Man - No Gal Problem / Version (MX) Koto
Beenie Man - Unsolved Mysteries / Version (B-Rich) Hi Grade
Beenie Man - What's Going On / Version (HK) Spii Whare
Beenie Man - Yu A Mi Baby / Version (Golden Cartel)
Big Pop - Babylone Hide And Seek / Version (Kalashnikov) Hide And Seek
Big Youth - Hello Dere / Derajah - Give Me A Chance (Family Tree) River Nile Queen
Blacka Shine - Dimples My Baby / Version (Mad Matt) Hail Up
Bling Dawg - Explode / Bling Dawg - Explode (LOY) Pretty Please
Bobby Crystal - We Can Make It / Jack Radics - Fireplace (Fan Club)
Boodah Bricle - Jump Up Jump Up / Version (Observer) Bullet
Boom Dandimite - Claat It / Chadu - Can't Move We (Powerstone) Sleng Teng
Bounty Killer - Gal A Wine / Version (Annex) Gal A Wine
Bounty Killer - No Beg Friend / Version (Golden Cartel) Mudslide
Bounty Killer, Bunji Garlin - War Combo / Lexxus - See Dem A Come (Golden Cartel) Mudslide
Bounty Killer, Ninja Ford - Defend My Own / Spotlight - Keep It Real (Caspa) Eagle Eye
Brah Yhan - Send Dem On / Version (Kirkledove) Livity
Buju Banton - Tournament / Version (Stone Love) Bad Kalic
Bushman - Tell Me Why / Version (Stingray) Tell Me Why
Capleton - 8 Ways / Spotlight - Keep It Real (Caspa) Eagle Eye
Capleton - Gallan Gallan / Version (Annex) Bushy Bushy
Capleton - Shoot First Ask Question After / Nano Bravo - Ojos De Leon (Lone Lions) Graduation In Zion
Capleton, Moses I - Fire Is Burning / Moses I - More Than A Dream (V1 Records) A Dream
Carl Dawkins - Money Talk / Holloway - You Give Me Joy (Family Tree) East Of The River Nile
Cecile - Nuff Man Deh Ya / Version (Kirkledove)
Chemical - You Know / Version (B-Rich) Fear Factor
Chezidek - Fire Woman / Al Campbell - Chapter A Day (Soul Vybz) Movie Star
Chico - No Assumption / Version (Champagne) VIP
Chrisinti - The Righteous / Version (Kirkledove) Livity
Christopher - Jealous / Buba - Ten Thousand Pound (Powerstone) Sleng Teng
Christopher Melody, Rally Bopp - Gwaan Michelle / Version (Mo' Music) Top Shotta
Christopher Melody, Rally Bopp - Which Gal / Version (Mo' Music) Jiggy
Clifton - Life Over Death / Clifton - World Unification (Mega Bass)
Courtney Melody - Overdrive / Version (Nijah) Wipe These Tears
Danny English - Hot From Long Time / Version (Nuclear) Viper
Danny English - We No Inna Dem / Version (Observer) Bullet
Daville - Say You Are Leaving / Version (Champagne) Leaving
Daville - So Smooth / Version (Baby G) 20 Cents
Delly Ranks - A Di Best A Dem / Voice Mail - Falla Falla (Time Travel) Mad Ting
Delly Ranks - Send For All The Girls / Version (V1 Records) Anti Badness
Delly Ranks, Voice Mail, Walla Bee - How We Flow / Version (Champagne)
Depeche Mode - Spirit (Columbia/Mute/Sony)
Desperado - Whine And Wheel / Version (B-Rich) Tai Chi
Determine - Love And Business / Version (New Creation Records) Miracle
Determine - Love You Girl / Danny English, Terelyn - Guns N Roses (MX) Koto
Elephant Man - Dancing Ring / Version (Kirkledove) Middle East
Elephant Man - Gal Whine Fi Mi / Version (Kirkledove) Remembrance
Elephant Man - Mani Mani Gal / Version (Golden Cartel) Mudslide
Elephant Man - Press Button / Version (Mad Doc) Munsters
Elephant Man - Violate / Elephant Man - Violate (Mentally Disturbed) Kashmir
Face T - Shy (Accapella) / Face T - Shy (Staight Mix) (Shang)
Fiona - Too Much Drama / Version (Cyclone) Da Drama
Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (RCA)
Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours (WaxTime)
Freddie McGregor - My Best Girl / Version (Stone Cold) My Best Girl
Future Fambo - Hate U Fah / Version (Kirkledove) Remembrance
Garnett Silk - Wrong Is Wrong / Garnett Silk - Wrong Is Wrong (Kariang)
Garnett Silk, Yasus Afari - People Dancing / Version (Senya-Cum Records)
George Faith - Miss Live Alone / Version (Razor Sound) Vanity/I'm Just A Guy
Ginjah - Know That You Need Love / Que - Paradise (House O' Love) Endless
Glen Washington - Clean Living / Version (Cyclone) Da Drama
Goofy, Ingel Chanta - Wi Nuh Bad Mind / Version (V1 Records) Anti Badness
Gyptian - Watch What You Doing / Roberto Sanchez - Blind Souls (Lone Lions) Graduation In Zion
Halloway, Shaka Shamba - Raggae Vibes / Version (Mad Matt)
Hawkeye - Run Dem / Version (Mad Doc) Jerusalem
Higha Roar - Got It Going On / Version (HK) Spii Whare
Hustle Man - Jump Bounce / Version (Observer) Bullet
Imple I - Wickedness / Version (Hi-Jah) Wickedness
Israel Voice - Never Know / Version (Farm Land) Woman Is Like A Shadow
Jack Radics - Pull Your Kotch / Version (Kariang) Small Axe
Jaguar - Hail Up The Man / Version (Mad Matt)
Jah Lando - Waan One A Dem / Version (V1 Records) Anti Badness
Jah Lightning (Max Romeo) - Mamma / Version (Charmax)
Jah Thomas, Peter Metro - Get Inna Mi Car / Version (Midnight Rock) No Warrior/Father Jungle Rock
Jahmaine Lion - Hail To The King Annointed / Version (El Paso) Jump Up/Kuff
Jahmali - Burn Dem And Leave Dem / Version (Hi-Jah)
Jimmy Riley - Everliving Life / Version (Love Promotions) Everliving
Jimmy Riley - Jah Rastafari / Version (Stingray) New Broom
Johnny Osbourne - Nah Go In Deh / Version (Mad Doc)
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures (Rhino)
Kantana - Terrible Terrible / Version (Kirkledove) Remembrance
Kiddus I - Graduation In Zion / Thriller, Phillip Frazer - Woman A Di Yard (Lone Lions) Graduation In Zion
Kiprich - De Gal Dem / Version (Observer) Bullet
Kiprich - Gigi Wine / Zumjay - Give It To You (MX) Koto
Kiprich - Lau Me (Radio Edit) / Kiprich - Lau Me (Club Edit) (Massive B) Yard Bounce
Kulcha Knox - How Dem A Galong So / Version (New Creation Records) Miracle
Kymani Marley - Royal Vibes / Version (Cyclone) Royal Vibes
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I (Atlantic)
Lexxus - Dem No Like Mi / Version (Steely & Clevie) 44 Flat
Lexxus - Nuh Good / Version (Kirkledove) Remembrance
Little Hero - Genuine Youth / Version (Global Fire) Global Fire
Louie Culture - Nothing More Nothing Less / Akwah Mbokka, Derajah - Peace After Revolution (Family Tree) Sutton St 2k7
Louie Culture - Trial Days / Mark Roller, Anthony Selassie - Rasta Meditation (Roller) Rasta Meditation
Luciano - Come Into My World / Version (Stingray) Come Into My World
Luciano - Faith / Luciano, Sergeant Juggler - Faith (Combination) (Hill Side) Joyful
Luciano - Gang War / Version (No Doubt) Key Rhythm
Luciano - Jah Can Do / Xtra - Mrs. Susu (Empress Dyana) Wire Waist
Luciano, Ed Robinson, Terry Ganzie - Freedom Fighters (Remix) / Luciano, Ed Robinson, Terry Ganzie - Freedom Fighters (Jalpo)
Lukie D - Can't Let You Go / Version (Classic Vibes) Reggae Paradise
Lukie D - Never Let You Down / Version (Mega Bass) General
Lutan Fyah - Really And Truly / Little Hero - On And On (VIS) Index
Lutan Fyah - Scheme Of Things / Version (Hi-Jah)
Lymie - Don't Fight One Another / Version (Farm Land) Woman Is Like A Shadow
Macka Diamond - Don't Watch The Money / Rock Supreme - Man Like Me (E-55 Entertainment) Epidemik
Macka Diamond - Hot Girls On The Street / Kiprich - Credit Book (Time Travel) Mad Ting
Manu - Dj / Version (Soul Vybz) Movie Star
Mark Wonder - Only Solution / Version (Hi-Jah) Wickedness
Mark Wonder - World Crisis / Version (Organic) Question
Mega Banton - City Block A Gal / Version (V1 Records) Anti Badness
Meladlan - Not Another Day / Version (HK) Spii Whare
Merciless - Ghetto Star / Version (Annex) Bushy Bushy
Merciless - Nutten Bad / Version (Mo' Music) Jiggy
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (Epic/Legacy)
Michael Rose - Bring Us Love / Version (Farm Land) Woman Is Like A Shadow
Michael Rose - Why / Version (Love Injection) Lady Pull Over/Your Love
Monster Empire - I Smoke / Motion - Roll Deep (Kalashnikov) Next Level
Mr. Easy - Coming Home / 14-K - Waiting (Lowe Chin) Nine-Five
Mr. Easy - Let It Be Known / Version (No Doubt) Triumphant
Mr. Easy - Stay Pon The Left / Version (Champagne) VIP
Munga - Rastafari Children / Version (HK) Spii Whare
Nat King Cole - Sings The Great American Songbook (Not Now Music)
Natty King - Good Vibes / Prestige - Without Your Love (No Doubt) Key Rhythm
Natural Black - Defend The Herbs / Guidance - Don't Give It Up (M Productions) Jump Up/Kuff
Norris Man - If I Never Jah / Version (Mighty Muzik) Queen Of The Minstrel
Norris Man - Power Inna Mi Lyrics / Version (Mad Doc) Jerusalem
Nu Bran Thugz - Maternity Ward / Version (Annex) Bushy Bushy
Pearl Jam - Yield (Epic/Legacy/Sony)
Perfect - Bush Baby / Firestar - Burn The Wicked (Loyal Soldiers) Black Shade
Perfect - Done My Deeds / Khani G - Living At War (Global Fire) Global Fire
Perfect - Left Me And Gone / Version (No Doubt) Key Rhythm
Phillip Frazer - Place In The Sun / Version (Razor Sound) Razor Rock
Powerman - Correll We / Version (Mo' Music) Jiggy
Powerman - Papa's Love / Ras Myrhdak - Good Love (Lowe Chin) Nine-Five
Prezident Brown - One Way / Ikushini - Free Water Way (Global Fire) Global Fire
Prince Jazzbo, Kiddus I - Zion Is A Holla Place / Version (Lone Lions) Graduation In Zion
Prince Malachi - Heavy Load / Version (Stingray) Play Play
Prince Malachi - This Feeling / Version (Stingray) New Broom
Professor Nuts - Mama Have Har Own / Version (Xtra Large) Showtime
Professor Nuts - Mek It Stay In Deh / Version (Steely & Clevie) 44 Flat
Qshan Dia - Wipe These Tears / Version (Nijah) Wipe These Tears
Queen Omega - Standing Firm / Version (Mad Doc) Munsters
Reef Hustle, Delly Ranks, Walla Bee - Real Badman / Version (Champagne)
Ricky Rude, Bling Dawg - Got My Sean John / Version (Massive B) The Rock
Saba - My Light And My Salvation / Version (Nijah) Wipe These Tears
Sanchez - Rock Bottom / Version (Stars)
Sean Paul - Dem A Fraud / Sean Paul - Dem A Fraud (Good Vybz) Shockwave
Sergeant Juggler - Jah Jah Love / Version (Hill Side) Joyful
Sherif - Weed Like This / Version (Mad Matt)
Sizzla - Bullet To The Body / Version (Time Travel) Mad Ting
Sizzla - Club Bouncing / Mystik Man - No Stone (Shavaughn) Mr. Wacky
Sizzla - Da System / Version (HK) Spii Whare
Sizzla - Dash Dem Way / Version (Love Promotions) Gremlin
Sizzla - Punnany Fat And Tight (Edit) / Sizzla - Punnany Fat And Tight (Raw) (Golden Cartel)
Sizzla - There She Goes / Version (Mo Music) Scream
Spragga Benz - Mi Madda / Version (Champagne) VIP
Steely & Clevie - Ten Gal / Version (Steely & Clevie) 44 Flat
Steve Machete - Manage / Version (Farm Land) Woman Is Like A Shadow
Sugar Minott, Tears - Do And Do / Derajah - What You Gonna Do (Family Tree) Sutton St 2k7
Swade - Don't Wanna Lie / Version (Energy) Queen Of The Minstrel
Taffari - Rude Bwoy Warning (Edited) / Taffari - Rude Bwoy Warning (Raw) (K Licious)
Teflon - Don't Give Up / Harry Toddler - Tek It Pass Them (House O' Love) Loose Cancer
Teflon - Live It Up Right / Version (Global Fire) Global Fire
Terror Blacks - Work Fi Di Money / Version (Nuclear) Viper
Thriller U - If The Table Turn / Version (No Doubt) Triumphant
Tony Tuff - Action / Version (Minor 7 Flat 5) Ivan
Tony Tuff - Beautiful Woman / Version (Razor Sound) I'm Just A Guy
Trevor African - Fuss Over Bust / Version (Cabrock) Mama
Turbulence - All Mine / Version (Love Injection) Lady Pull Over/Your Love
Turbulence - Bun Yuh Crew / Version (Kalashnikov) Next Level
Turbulence - I Love You / Version (No Doubt) Key Rhythm
Turbulence - Love Me For Me / Version (Love Injection) South Beach
Turbulence, Leiba - Come As You Are / Version (Love Injection)
Ultimate Shines - Revelation Time / Ras Murdhak - All I Do (Tuff Riddim) Kotch It
Voice Mail - Bad Man / Chico - Bunny Hop (Champagne) Belview
Voice Mail - Splashy Dashy / Flexable - Hotness (E-55 Entertainment) Epidemik
Voice Mail - Wicked Ride / Version (Loony Bin) 18 Gees
Vybz Kartel - Friend Of Mine / Mad Cobra, Christopher - Mad Dem (Mo Music) Scream
Vybz Kartel - Hair Style / Shermain Jeremy - Can You Feel It (Time Travel) Mad Ting
Vybz Kartel - Money And Gal / Version (CJ Records) Robbery
Vybz Kartel - Pay Bill No Mind / D'Badd Dawg - Gal A Gi Yuh Bun (V1 Records) Frontline
Vybz Kartel - You / Version (Jam 2) Splash Out
Vybz Kartel, Mavado - Nuh Too Far Fi Wi / Version (Time Travel) Mad Ting
Ward 21, Bounty Killer - Badda Than That (Raw) / Ward 21, Bounty Killer - Badda Than That (Edited) (Mentally Disturbed) Kashmir
Wayne Wonder - Everyday / Kymerli - You Want Me (K Licious) Grinding
Winston Kilaman Jarrett Flames - Story Of My Life / Version (Shabazz)
Yellowman - Waiting For Me / Version (Yellow Leo) The Healing
Zaina, Zumjay - Eastern Loving / Accapella (Shang)

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