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45rpm mastering offers a great leap in sound quality. All listeners should notice greater tonal variety, broader dynamic range, greater signal-to-noise ratio and an overall rich, full sound. Part of the reason is that there is a benefit due to the increased stylus velocity in relation to the detrimental increased-curvature of the record groove as the tonearm moves inward on the record (frequency loss and distortion factors caused by this phenomenon are reduced as the record playing speed is increased). Another reason is that a wider groove produces more stylus movement, hence more sound information is reproduced.

Mastered at 45rpm for enhanced sound quality

What's this?

Colored vinyl (white)

A gatefold jacket opens to double-size, which affords more space for artwork, liner-notes, lyrics, etc.

Gatefold Jacket

What's this?

Etched vinyl


Surface Sounds










Indie Rock


Blues Rock

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